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STK4231 II 100w + 100w Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit

2 Χ 100 watt Stereo Audio Amplifier using STK4231 II

If you want to make a HI FI 100w High Power Stereo Audio Amplifier Then You can use this ic. STK4231 is a hybrid Thick film IC manufactured by SANYO ELECTRIC CO. LTD JAPAN. The STK4221II IC from is a dual high power amplifier chip, preferably suited for compact high power audio applications, for example in cars and luxury transport vehicle audio systems. This provides 2 channel high power best quality audio output of 100w+100w at both channel at 8Ω speaker .  STK4231 II is 22 pin SIP (Single in line package ) ic with special case designing for operation at more heat dissipation to generally reduce external heat sink , But use a heat sink for protection. .This ic is generally used in cars .



Here presenting schematic of circuit diagram of 100w + 100w stereo Audio Amplifier . This circuit required high voltage Dual power supply for the operation.



circuit diagram

stk4231 stk amplifier circuit diagram


Resistor R2 and R13 is the input filter resistor. C19 is the decoupling capacitor kept for cleaning and filtering instantaneous ripple surges during power switch ONs and providing better safety to the ICs.C13 and C13 is the input filter capacitor. C6 and C12 is the input coupling capacitor for DC current blocking, It reduces the pop noise at the power on. Capacitor C8 and C10 fix the low cut off frequency and provide desired voltage gain at low frequency. C5 is the decoupling capacitor to eliminate the ripple that mixd from the side of +vcc. R11 is used as input ripple filter resistor.

Capacitor C2 and C9 are for the oscillation blocking and it should polyester film capacitor. R6 and R7 both resistor Should Of 1W value 1KΩ (1W). R8  And R15 ae output limiting Resistor.

Power supply schematic diagram

stk4231 power supply

Note- All information given as per Datasheet

stk4231 II datasheet.PDF

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