led flasher blinker circuit

Simple 5 LED Blinker/Flasher circuit

Simple LED Flasher/chaser/Blinker Circuit

This circuit is made using 5 npn transistors, some capacitors and some resistors. 5 LEDs are blinking as shown in this video gif . you can connect more LEDs as this sequence by adding some more transistors.

Q1-Q5= BC547

Resistors 1K-5, 22k-5

Capacitor 22uf 25v-6

led flasher chaser blinker circuit

Here is an another different circuit of 5 LED running effect using Transistors.


led chaser running circuit using transistor

This circuit gives a running pattern effect with 5 leds, you can add more than 5 led with same proper connection.

all transistors are 2N2222 , D6-D7= 1N4148, all capacitors are of 220uf or 100uf 25v.

Use a push button switch at the place of S1 . This switch is used in this circuit for discharging the capacitor for a moment. After pressing this switch running sequence will start.

You may can change the value of resistors connected parallel with diodes in case of not proper work of circuit.

Operation.- At first when switch on the supply in this circuit, All LEDs will glow. After some moment All Are stops glowing, After All LEDs are turn off press the push button switch S1 once and then running effect will start.

When the switch s1 pressed for a moment, the capacitor will discharge and start charging again through the base of the next(stage 1) transistor and through led of its (stage 1 ). This causes the stage 2 transistor to remain on while the capacitor continues to charge. At the same time, the capacitor connecting stage 2 and 3 will discharge through the 100 ohm resistor and diode and stage 2 transistor. When the capacitor charging current falls below , the transistor and light will turn off causing the voltage at the collector of the stage 2 transistor to rise. Since the capacitor connecting stage 2 and 3 has discharged and the voltage rises at the collector of stage 2, the capacitor from stage 2 and 3 will charge causing the 3rd stage to turn on and the cycle repeats for sucessive stages 4,5,6,7.... and back to 1. The sequence rate is determined by the capacitor and resistor values (220uF and 100 ohms in this case),

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