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Multitone Doorbell Alarm

Listening same door bell  tune at always may be boring, this melody generator doorbell circuit may help us to avoid this dull situation because this circuit provides 12 tones. This multi tone door bell circuit produces 12 types of musical tone. You get  twelve popular tones in sequences that gives a new dimension to musical door-bells. Whenever a switch is pressed, a popular tone plays and refresh our mind. When next time when switch will press  a new tone will produced.Using the circuit we have prepared here 12 different tones can be heard in sequence.and then it circuit is 12 tone doorbell alarm circuit.

This is very simple project, it requires very less component and then its make it easy and simple but interesting project. Connects All components as given in circuit diagram . 1.5v to 4.5v DC supply required for operation of this multi tone generator circuit.

This circuit is based on ic UM34815A , Which is a 16 pin musical tone generator ic and this circuit is implemented as 12 tone generator. The circuit of 12 tone door bells starts operating as soon as the switch SWis pressed and then the tune is played in an ascending order serially i.e. song tune-1, song tune-2 etc.

⚫  470=47pf

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