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BASS Booster Circuit For Only BASS


Bass Booster Circuit For BASS Increase For Music Player 

This is The Circuit Only For BASS ,  By using this circuit the audio is Boosted to Extra Bass Effect. This circuit Give Clear Bass Without Any Disturbance. If You Need to extra bass Then you can apply this circuit. But This Circuit Has No Treble. So Only Give The Output Of This to Bass Speaker (Woofer) Not on Tweeters. And The input Or Output of This Should Connected To A Volume control to Control The Gain and Output. 

If You Want To Make Any Sound System Then This Circuit Can used For your Bass Speaker For Extra Boosted Bass Effect. And Connect A Volume Controller.

Bass Booster Circuit For BASS Increase For Music Player Using IC 4558 Works With Any Amplifier Circuit Or Any Audio Source . 

IC4558D is used to make this Circuit Which is Dual Op-Amp IC. The 4558 is mainly used in Audio Player , Recorder, Amplifier Etc.

Bass booster circuit

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Here is Simplified Circuit Diagram of bass booster

4558 Bass booster circuit




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