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jfet vs bjt

Difference between BJT and JFET

Difference between BJT and JFET

Comparison between BJT and JFET




As its name Bipolar junction Transistor, This is a bipolar device. Means Minority and Majority both contribute in current conduction. This is Unipolar device, Means Only Majority or Minority contributes in current conduction.
This is a Current controller. This is a Voltage controller.
Three terminals named Emitter, Base, Collector


Its terminals named Gate, Drain, Source
It has Low Input Impedance High Input Impedance
BJTs use for Low Power Circuit FETs use for high Power Circuit
It has More noise Less noise than BJT
Thermally Unstable. This generally works Only with Normal temperatures. Thermally Stable. This can Work Properly with High temperature.
BJT is slow Switching Than JFET JFET is FAST Switching speed Than BJT.
BJT is –ve Temperature coefficient. JFET is +ve Temperature coefficient.
Input- Forward bias

Output-Reverse bias

Input-Reverse bias

Output-Forward bias

difference between bjt and fet in tabular form

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