Tone Control Circuit Diagram

Tone Controller / BASS And TREBLE Controller

When you listen audio from any sound Producer Like Tv, Radio, CD/DVD Player, Home Theater Etc. You Notice that there are a controller to control the Effect of output sound as you want to Level Of Effect of Audio listen. This may not necessary to all audio Player has audio Effect controller (Tone Controller). 

Tone controller provides Enhanced sound quality  At Desisred Shape Of Equalizing Frequancy with respect to direct Monochrome Sound . Each Listener have different Sound Choices And According To their choices They can Control By Simply Adjustment Of Variable resistor (POT). 

Tone Control is basically An Equalizer That Maintain The Audio Output Effect at Maximum Required Frequency Shape As Listener Choice.

If you want to add a effect tone controller. Which make that audio more sensible and effective clear, then you can make itself by using some components. 

Tone Controller May include bass and the treble controls. The bass control is nothing but a low pass electronic circuit which filters and allows only the specified low frequency signals to pass into the amplifier stage and blocks other irrelevant frequencies.

When Increases The BASS Level  at higher then it produces sound outputs which are “heavier" in response. 

The Treble control produces just the opposite effects. At higher levels the treble circuit will sweep out all signals which are below the specified frequency range and Get only the high pitched sounds. With this control at max, the inputs consisting of sharp sound contents like chirping of birds, guitars, violins become predominant at the amplifier output.

Here is Two Tone Control Circuit Diagram Which can be used to make A Tone Control At home Easily. 

You Can Make This And Fix This For Your Homemade Audio Player Speaker. This is must before audio Level Controller . 

The 1st Circuit used An Op-Amp IC 741 , Some PF capacitors And some resistors. Two 100K Variable resistor (is Used ) In Both Circuit. 

 It provides 15dB of Bass and Treble cut and boost with respect to the gain at the mid-frequency of 1000Hz. The output can be coupled to the next stage.


Circuit 1 Using OP-Amp IC 741

Bass treble tone controller circuit



Circuit 2 Without Using IC

Bass Treble controller circuit diagram


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