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simple inverter circuit diagram

100w simple inverter circuit using 555

Simple 100w Homemade inverter circuit using 555

You can make 230v AC from 12v DC very easily at home using this simple inverter circuit.  You can connect up to 100W Load with this transformer. The output of this circuit is very good and very less noise.

This inverter circuit made by using one 555 timer ic and 2 Transistors. 555 timer ic is connected in the astable mode configuration which generates a continuously pulse at pin 3 as LOW-High-LOW-HIGH in randomly. NPN and PNP transistors BD139 and BD140 provides a frequency of supply to the transformer according to the signal getting from 555 timer. BD139 and BD140 is the power transistor. BD139 is NPN and BD140 is PNP transistor. The Circuit is simple and can be made easily at home. Use Minimum of 1A transformer and connect in reverse connection. The primary of the transformer is connected with output and secondary is connected with input in the circuit. The primary winding has three terminal of wires and secondary has two wires.

Use 9-12 v DC supply for this circuit and Adjust the preset if required for the frequency matching at 555 ic. Use proper heat sink with both transistors separately to heat control during operation. Mosfet can be used at the place of both transistors.


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Schematic diagram

simple inverter circuit diagram


555 timer ic-1

Resistor- 10k-1, Preset 22k-1

Capacitor- 0.1uf-1, 4.7uf 25v-1

Transistors BD140-1, BD139-1

12-0-12 Transformer 1A or 2A-1

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