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CFL Supply Driver inverter Circuit

CFL Driver Inverter Circuit

12v CFL Inverter circuit for Emergency Light

This is a small power inverter circuit that produce 230v ac at the output through transformer.Circuit is designed by T.Kalpana. This can be used as the emergency CFL lighting , CFL need AC input for operate and this circuit provides the AC to CFL . This circuit is very useful for home ,shop, small place for emergency CFL light. This cfl inverter circuit is operated using the 12v Lead acid battery which is mostly  used in all homes. In this inverter circuit a 555 timer ic is used which is connected in astable multivibrator mode, so it produce continuously on-off signal, this on-off signal called pulsed signal.

Preset is used to set the frequency at 50HZ . At the output of 555 timer ic there are 2 resistors are connected , one is 470 ohm and second is 10k ohm. Output signal follows two paths . One through resistor to gate of MOSFET Q3 and second is through transistor to gate of MOSFET Q4.

CFL Supply Driver inverter Circuit



When the output of 555 timer ic is High ,then the MOSFET Q3 flows the current to the primary winding coil of transformer and Inducing High voltage AC at Secondary winding. Here Step down transformer is connected in reverse connection, it means the primary winding is connected here with output. When the output of 555 timer is low, MOSFET Q4 pulls out the current to the ground, and inducing a voltage at the secondary winding. Mosfet Q3 and Q4 operate alternatively according to their gate voltage is switched on and off in a push-pull manner.

When switch s1 is pressed momentarily, CFL glow which is  connected at 230v AC output terminal. When switch s2 is pressed  momentarily then the CFL is switched off. TL431 used here for the preventing the deeply discharge of battery . At low voltage the circuit will automatically disconnect. The circuit produce output voltage approximately 230v. Use Seperate heat sink with MOSFETs, and connect the transformer in reverse position.

Note -  Careful with circuit operation . It may dangerous and chances of shock





10k-3,  4.7k-1,  15k-1,  39k-1,  6.8k-1,  470 ohm-1


BC558-1,  BC547-1, TL431-1


IRF Z44-2


0.1uf-1,  0.01uf-1

Push button switch-2

preset -1 500k

Transformer 12-0-12 3A   

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